At Fountainhead our admissions team aims to make enrolling as easy and simple as possible. We have a handy guide detailing the requirements to enroll in each of our programs. After checking our enrollment requirements we recommend that you also view our admissions policies.

Got questions about financial aid? Visit our financial aid page for more details and an FAQ. You may also visit our scholarships page for details on available scholarships.

Our careers services team also offers many valuable benefits. The following services are provided:
job listings, resume referrals and reviews, on-campus interviews, career fairs, and more! Please visit our career services page for more details.

Protecting your country can be tough, but going to school shouldn’t have to be. Here at Fountainhead we understand and appreciate the services provided by our active and veteran military students. That’s why we aim to make the financial aid and admissions processes as easy as possible. Please visit our military friendly page to learn more.