How to Enroll

Requirements for Associate’s Degree Programs

Minimum requirements for admittance into individual courses or a degree program at Fountainhead College of Technology are: submit a high school diploma or GED; pass the school-administered enrollment exam; complete the Enrollment Agreement; and pay the $100 enrollment fee. If the applicant is younger than 18, permission to enroll must be granted by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Requirements for Bachelor’s Degree Programs

After enrolling into an Associate’s level program, a candidate may also enroll in one of the Bachelor’s degree programs as an incoming freshman with no prior college credits to transfer. A candidate for transfer into one of the Bachelor’s degree programs must have earned an Associate’s degree or completed a minimum of 60 semester credit hours from an accredited institute of higher learning, and must provide an official copy of his or her transcript prior to enrollment. Some candidates, including those with fewer than 60 semester credit hours, may need to successfully complete courses in one of our Associate’s programs to satisfy technical requirements prior to being awarded a baccalaureate degree. This is determined on an individual case-by-case basis by the Director of Education. Applicants should understand that Bachelor’s programs are more writing intensive than the Associate’s programs and will require multiple written projects. Samples of written projects are available for review on campus.

Associate’s and Bachelor’s applicants who are denied may reapply after 30 days, assuming whatever circumstance that had prevented admittance has changed. Accepted applicants will receive a welcome letter and instructions for the first day of class. After 90 days, any incomplete applications will be considered denied.

Requirements for Online Students

Admission requirements for online students are the same as residential students with the exception of the Online Student Success Assessment (OSSA). Once a prospective student determines that they want to enroll into an online program they should fill out the Request for Information form and select the online program of interest. The OSSA can be taken online at:

Enrolling in Individual Courses

Students who wish to enroll into individual courses for personal benefit may do so at the stated semester credit hour rate after meeting all admission requirements. Some courses may have prerequisites. Admission into individual courses is determined by the college’s director and is contingent on availability after the final roster is established. Students enrolled in individual courses are not eligible for student financial aid or scholarships. Students enrolled in individual courses must achieve the same academic and attendance standards to receive credit for each completed course. Students who wish to attend individual courses should understand that these courses are not individually accredited. The college reserves the right to limit the number of students enrolled into individual courses.