Online Programs

Fountainhead College online student
Go to class anytime with Fountainhead eCampus

Fountainhead College offers anytime, anywhere online training programs for busy people who need flexibility in their learning programs.
We host a robust online Learning Management System (LMS), so students can access their courses anywhere they can access the internet. Classes are asynchronous, so students don’t have to be online the same time as their instructor. Students must maintain ongoing and meaningful contact with their instructors and classmates but they can do this in the time that works best for them.
Online instructors post their available hours and encourage students to interact with them, ask questions, and discuss their work. The LMS environment provides students with discussion boards, chat features, file transfer services, interactive lessons, feedback, quizzes, exams and more.
Our online programs have the same academic requirements, rules and policies as the on-campus courses, with exception to items pertaining only to on-campus issues, such as parking.

Are online programs right for you?

Prospective online students are required to complete the Online Student Success Assessment (OSSA) to help them determine:

  • if Fountainhead’s online training is right for them
  • if they have an acceptable internet connection and computer system
  • if they have the required time to devote to an online program
  • if they have the self motivation and discipline to be a successful online student

After completing the OSSA, the prospective student must schedule a visit to campus. Candidates will receive a tour, interview with an admissions representative and take an enrollment exam. Remaining activities may be completed online or in person. Candidates who do not pass the OSSA should visit the campus to discuss future options with an admissions representative.

To receive a link to take the OSSA, complete the form below and put OSSA in the message field.